Open Mic
Kwani? Open Mic September Edition 2012

Open Mic

Kwani? Open Mic September Edition 2012

Featured Poet: Moraa
Featured Artist: Juliani

MC: Cindy Ogana
Date: 4th September 2012
Time: 7 -10 pm
Venue: Club Soundd
Entry: 200 Ksh

Anne Moraa is a writer, editor and poet. She has performed and won at Kwani? Open Mic and Slam Africa she has also performed at Kwani? Litfest, Jukwaani, Story Moja Hay Festival and International Womens day. She is the founder and manager of Outspoken Associates which works to develop arts, education and  provides a platform for the arts.

Juliani is an ascending star of and beyond the Kenyan music scene, Juliani has won multiple awards both in Kenya and the USA, the former being a Groove award for 'Hip-hop Song of the Year' (from his debut LP of the same name, 'Mtaa Mentality'), and the latter a Talanta award as the coveted 'Male Artist of the Year'. In 2009, he scooped two Kenyan Groove awards, including 'Hip-hop Song of the Year' ('Biceps') and 'Album of the Year' ('Mtaa Mentality'). In 2010, he picked up 'Male Artist of the Year' at the Insyder CHAT awards as well as Groove's highly acclaimed 'Songwriter of the Year' - 2 years in a row. In 2011, Juliani won 'Best Live Performer' at the Insyder CHAT awards and was, bar none, Kisima's champion of the evening, scooping an incredible 4 awards. 'Best Production' and 'Hip Hop Song of the Year' for what has now become a bonafide anthem, 'Bahasha Ya Ocampo', 'Best Gospel' Artist and 'Artist of the Year', picking up the ultimate winner's cheque of 1 million KSH.

Forever socially conscious, Juliani represented Kenya at the 2009 UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen. He has supported causes such as the World Vision Peace Tour, Vina Na Maana (a campaign against Economic Partnership Agreements), Stand Up Against Poverty (UN Millennium Campaign For MDG's), Emmanuel Jal's 'Lose 2 Win' campaign (where he committed to send a share of every CD sale to the school building project in South Sudan), and has been a facilitator at the NCA conscious music workshop, not to mention his support for the monthly WAPI (Words & Pictures) initiative.

In late 2011, Juliani headed the "We Have Faith" Road to Durban Climate Change Caravan, as the initiative's ambassador; Juliani traveled across 6 African countries promoting a message of environmental awareness through his electrifying live shows, successfully mobilising one million signatories for the petition towards a pan-African Climate Change pledge. The Caravan tour came to a memorable end in the South African city of Durban, where Juliani performed to an audience in their thousands, infront of Desmond Tutu and other high profile leaders, at the notorious Kings Park stadium.

In addition to his environmental commitment, Juliani has made it a mission to plant trees pretty much everywhere he goes. To date, Kenya's Climate Change ambassador has planted over 1000 trees, visiting schools all over Kenya and avidly reminding the country's youth of their responsibilities toward mother

Juliani's social awareness continues with inspiring abundance, having launched 'KAMA SI SISI' in early 2011. A one of a kind attitude change campaign, KAMA SI SISI targets, empowers and enlightens Kenyan youth to be responsible and accountable to themselves and their community, to work toward the positive improvement of their surroundings - politically, economically, socially and spiritually...''Taking care of yourself by taking care of others."

KAMA SISI SI has successfully operated as a crucial 'change' vehicle, created and utilized to carry key messages in social development. They include: wise investment, governance & leadership and climate change. This critical, relevant and inspiring information is disseminated through musically charged university tours across Kenya, as well as a number of 'Music Summits' headlined and facilitated by none other than Juliani.

In 2011's "Kenyans 4 Kenya" campaign, one of the nation's most popular calls on a patriotic responsibility to care for one another, Juliani initiated the "Celebrity Waiter Challenge". Under the "Kama Si Sisi" school of thought, Juliani was joined by other Kenyan stars to serve members of the public in the popular Nairobi restaurant, Kosewe. For 3 hours, on a busy Monday afternoon, Kenyan celebrated names: Jeff Koinange, Nameless, Nonini, Wahu, Daddy Owen, John Alanamu, Valerie Kimani, Avril, BMF, Neema, Marcus Olang, Pierra Makena, Juliani and more raised a total of 135,000 Ksh!


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