Open Mic
Kwani? Open Mic August 2017 Edition

Open Mic

Kwani? Open Mic August 2017 Edition

Featured Poet: Namatsi

MC: Gufy

Date: August 1, 2017 

Time: 7.00pm - 9.30pm

Venue: Chester House, Roof Top, Koinange Street (CBD Nairobi)

Entry: Kes 500 at the door. Limited advance tickets only via M-pesa "Till Number" (56714) at Kes 400*. Your ticket is redeemable for a bottle of soda or water.

*Advance ticketing closes at 6pm.

Twitter: @KwaniOpenMic #KwaniOpenMic

Facebook: Kwani? Open Mic


Of all gifts, the universe gave me words! I am that woman with a voice of spoken word and with a power over words. My hands are gifted I can do so much from making clothes like my mother, to making crafts – I have an eye for nice things! But my ears and heart, those parts of me are at home in a poem. I think I got that from my father!

I do a lot of reading, watching and listening to people. I feel that everyone comes with a story. I carry the world in the warmth of my palms – because life, my friend life has come to me! The narratives of people’s lives unspool in front of my eyes and somehow I can capture these stories with words – I can plant myself in them and somehow paint them in poems.

My name is Namatsi Lukoye, people say I am a poet, I believe am an artist, talented in different fields it’s unfair for me to label myself. I also conceptualized Hisia Zangu poetry workshops and Street Poetry at Aga Khan Walk. I have been blessed to be among eight artists, who dared to speak in a land far from ours. I am also a writer with, Footprint Press (Life Journeys – seeking destiny) and the Public Relations and Fundraising Officer for Cerebral Palsy Society of Kenya – so if you are looking for a fundraising strategy or fundraiser look no further.

Welcome to my world, it’s small, simple and true. Aquaint yourself to Namatsi’s work.

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