Stephen Derwent Partington

Stephen Derwent Partington is a talented young writer, married into Kenya, who studied at various universities in the UK and Germany, including Oxford. While in the UK, many of his poems appeared in respected magazines and journals, including The Rialto, The New Welsh Review, Smiths Knoll, Verse, Poetry Wales, Thumbscrew, Iron, Swansea Review, Frogmore Papers, etc. Since arriving many years ago in Kenya, where he heads a small rural school, Stephen has: contributed journalistic articles to the national press on educational and literary issues; participated in national radio debates on the same; acted as poetry editor to Kwani?, published academic articles in leading journals on Kenyan literature; published a critically-acclaimed Kenya-based poetry collection; supported other emerging young poets; written a 'critical manifesto' which focuses on the new Kenyan poetry, and a postcolonial, post-election study of the creation of 'tribe' in Kenyan literature, both of which are forthcoming. During the Post-Election Violence in Kenya, he joined, as a participating member, the young writer-activist group, Concerned Kenyan Writers. He lives and works near Machakos, Kenya, with his young family, until such time as he says, is deported! Stephen's regular and short author blog can be found at the inpress online bookshop website, where How to Euthanise a Cactus will also be for sale: