Ngwatilo Mawiyoo

After a childhood steeped in music and performance, perhaps it was no surprise that Ngwatilo Mawiyoo chose to study Music and Creative Writing at university. She has since been lauded “a priest of the art of performed poetry,” presenting her work at festivals across Africa, Europe and North America; in 2010 touring Zimbabwe, Malawi and South Africa during the 2010 Poetry Africa Festival. A keen observer and devoted student of the written word, Ngwatilo’s first book of poems Blue Mothertongue (2010) is a collection set in Nairobi and the African diaspora, around notions of home, loss and healing. Critics say the work is “crafted with beautiful pace and intelligence,” that it is  “a worthy testament of her times.” In December 2010, Ngwatilo has gone further to create a performance piece based on Blue Mothertongue. “The Puesic Project” [pew-zik] is an experiment into the capacity of music, dance, photography and videography to read and tell, complicate and simplify poetry.